Learning Outcomes

Participants will...

  • understand what needs to change about how we teach reading and why.
  • know the prerequisite skills necessary for orthographic mapping.
  • know and understand the appropriate sequence of reading approaches.
  • understand Ehri’s Phases of Sight Word Development and how they impact learning.
  • identify strategies that do not promote orthographic mapping, especially for struggling readers.



Watch the video below.




Test yourself:

  1. Name the 3 prerequisite skills necessary for orthographic mapping.
  2. Name the phases of sight word acquisition as identified by Linnea Ehri.
  3. In the partial alphabetic phase, what reading approach is developmentally appropriate approach for reading?  
  4. True/False: Words with regular spelling patterns reinforce the concept of mapping.
  5. True/False: Contextual guessing is not appropriate to use with struggling readers.

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