Learning Outcomes

Participants will...

  • recognize and understand the key characteristics of good readers
  • understand the importance of the development of word recognition skills in reading comprehension
  • distinguish between the terms word identification and word recognition
  • understand the mental process of orthographic mapping of words
  • define  the term sight vocabulary
  • understand the Simple View of Reading and identify skills within each domain
  • identify and explain the four types of reading difficulties


Watch the video below.



Test yourself:

  1. Name at least four key characteristics of good readers.
  2. What is the difference between word identification and word recognition?
  3. Name seven important skills needed for word recognition.
  4. Word Level Reading x Oral Language Comprehension = Reading Comprehension. This equation that explains the essential elements of reading comprehension is known as...
  5. List the 4 types of reading difficulties and their critical attributes.

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