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    The 2020 Colorado Academic Standards (CAS) Implementation Professional Learning Modules are intended to support districts with transition to the revised standards.  All content areas of the CAS were revised and have changes to the standards framework.  The Office of Standards and Instructional Support highly recommends that each learning module is delivered in sequence using dedicated time during staff meetings or professional development days and that the learning leader (Fullan, 2014) of the school is responsible for facilitating each learning module. This co-learning model is shown to have  significant, positive effects in student achievement (Robinson, 2007).

    A Facilitator's Guide for Effective Implementation of the 2020 Colorado Academic Standards through Professional Learning Modules
    The facilitator's guide contains information to assist in the facilitation of the Professional Learning Modules created for the implementation of the 2020 Colorado Academic Standards (CAS).  Within the guide are separate facilitator's notes pages specific to each module.  The individual facilitator's notes pages will also be included as a resource within each individual module.

    • Module 15: Planning for Best, First Instruction

      This module leads educators in discussions around high impact instructional strategies in relation to Best, First Instruction (BFI) and the application of the design principles of BFI to instructional planning.

      [Estimated Time: 45-60 minutes]

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