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    The 2020 Colorado Academic Standards (CAS) Implementation Professional Learning Modules are intended to support districts with transition to the revised standards.  All content areas of the CAS were revised and have changes to the standards framework.  The Office of Standards and Instructional Support highly recommends that each learning module is delivered in sequence using dedicated time during staff meetings or professional development days and that the learning leader (Fullan, 2014) of the school is responsible for facilitating each learning module. This co-learning model is shown to have  significant, positive effects in student achievement (Robinson, 2007).

    A Facilitator's Guide for Effective Implementation of the 2020 Colorado Academic Standards through Professional Learning Modules
    The facilitator's guide contains information to assist in the facilitation of the Professional Learning Modules created for the implementation of the 2020 Colorado Academic Standards (CAS).  Within the guide are separate facilitator's notes pages specific to each module.  The individual facilitator's notes pages will also be included as a resource within each individual module.

    • Module 0: Standards Implementation through Standards Literacy

      This module provides an introduction to the 2020 Colorado Academic Standards Implementation process, as well as the Professional Learning Modules used to build standards literacy among educators.

      (Estimated time: 15 min.)

    • Module 1: It's Not Rocket Science

      This module delves into Disciplinary Literacy: what it is, what it isn't, and why it is important within all content areas.

      (Estimated time: 40 min.)

    • Module 2: Are You Literate?

      This Module contains information about how disciplinary literacy is an essential element of standards literacy.  This module is within the context of Social Studies. 

      (Estimated time: 40 min.)

    • Module 3: The Birds and The Bees of Standards

      This module provides educators with the historical perspective of the standards and the standards review and revision process. 

      (Estimated time: 30 min.)

    • Module 4: The Highlights!

      This Module explores the high-level changes to the standards document across content areas.  This Module is in the context of Science. 

      (Estimated time: 30 min.)

    • Module 5: A Whole New Level

      This module leads educators in a "close read" of the standards to identify what students need to know, understand, and be able to do across the full standards document page.  This Module is within the context of Science.

      (Estimated time: 40 min.)

    • Module 6: Making Connections

      This Module pulls everything together to assist educators in looking for connections across a standards page and across content areas.

      (Estimated time: 30 min.)

    • Module 7: Analyzing the Standards for Curriculum/Unit/Lesson Planning


      This module provides an overview of the phase II modules regarding analyzing standards in relation to curriculum and other resources. 

        (Estimated time: 20 min.)

    • Module 8: Breaking It Down, One Step at a Time


      This module leads educators through an analysis of the standards in relation to learning experiences for students.

      (Estimated time: 60 min.)

    • Module 9: Mapping the Standards


      This module leads educators through an analysis of how the 2020 CAS align with current local curriculum ans resources.

      (Estimated time: 60 min.)

    • Module 10: Mind the Gap


      This module leads educators through a gap analysis of their curriculum resources as they align to the 2020 CAS.

      (Estimated time: 40 min.)

    • Module 11: Bridging the Gaps


      This module leads educators through a planning process to fill the gaps found during module ten's gap analysis of their curriculum resources.

      (Estimated time: 45 min.)

    • Module 12: Shifting Instructional Practices


      This module introduces educators to the rest of the modules in this phase by providing an overview of what to expect.

      [Estimated time: 45-60 minutes]

    • Module 13: Exploring the Instructional Shifts Inherent in the 2020 CAS

      This Module discusses the importance of matching instructional planning to what the students should be doing as evidenced in the Revised 2020 Colorado Academic Standards.

      [Estimated Time: 30 minutes]

    • Module 14: Overview of Best, First Instruction

      This module leads educators through the exploration of the four pillars of Best, First Instruction as well an equitable and culturally responsive classroom.

      [Estimated Time: 60 minutes]

    • Module 15: Planning for Best, First Instruction

      This module leads educators in discussions around high impact instructional strategies in relation to Best, First Instruction (BFI) and the application of the design principles of BFI to instructional planning.

      [Estimated Time: 45-60 minutes]

    • Module 16: Implementing and Reflecting on Best, First Instruction

      This module presents a Sample Instructional Planning Process Guide to help make visible the “invisible thinking” which teachers may utilize to provide students with opportunities to demonstrate student learning demands of the standards.

      [Estimated Time: 65 minutes]

    • Module 17: Now Are You Standards Literate?

      This module summarizes all three phases of the implementation modules and reassesses standards literacy.

      {Estimated Time : 30-40 minutes]