Topic outline

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    The modules in this course collectively create a comprehensive course to support educators teaching health education. The goal of health education is for students to gain knowledge and become proficient in skills that will help them adopt and maintain healthy lives.  

    These modules will equip educators to develop skills around implementing high impact teaching strategies and effective health education practices. Each of the course modules below focuses on one important aspect of health education. The modules are set up to be viewed sequentially; however, they are self-contained, meaning there is flexibility to review the modules individually at your leisure. Information on receiving a certificate for hours completion of the modules can be found in the  "Course Contact Hours Certificate of Completion" module.  Modules have been created by Colorado health educators with support from the Colorado Education Initiative, and funding from the Colorado Health Foundation. If you have questions or feedback regarding the course or modules feel free to contact

  • This module is foundational to teaching skills-based health education. As a participant or reviewer of this module, we highly recommend you do the progression of activities in order before moving on to the next set of modules. Each sub category in this module has its' own set of processing questions or an activity as a result of its' importance.

    In this module you will explore key health skills, identify potential models for health skills, examine a skills progression for teaching health skills. 

    Key Outcomes:

    1. Identify key health skills based on the National Health Education Standards.
    2. Use a basic teaching skills progression framework to explore how to teach key health skills.

    • This section explores the National Health Education Standards and the key health skills identified in them.

    • In this short activity you will explore the key verbs and skills identified in the health skills. 

    • In this flip card activity you will explore some examples of how to shift from a concept based approach to a skills based approach to teaching health education. 

    • Here you will find short video clips that describe each of the health skills. 

    • 1. How might you go from having students memorize the bones of the body to a skills-based approach on keeping your skeletal system safe and protected?

      2. Describe how identifying behavioral outcomes can guide your teaching of concepts and skills?

      3. How might you go from having students label the chemicals in the brain released during drug use to a skills-based approach to preventing prescription medicine misuse and access in a home?

      4. Describe one of the skills-standards and how you might introduce and reinforce the skill at your grade level.

      5. Describe how your approach to teaching health education might change after learning more about health skills and the teaching progression?