Course image 2020 Colorado Academic Standards Implementation
Standards and Instructional Support

The 2020 Colorado Academic Standards (CAS) Implementation Professional Learning Series of modules intended to support districts with transition to the revised standards. All content areas of the CAS were revised and have changes to the standards framework. The release of these modules are intentionally spread out over two years so districts take the full time allowed for transition to the revised standards. Phase 1 begins with this course.

Course image Culturally Responsive and Sustaining Education
Standards and Instructional Support

Culturally Responsive-Sustaining (CR-S) Education draws on decades of research in asset-based pedagogies that recognizes that cultural difference (including racial, ethnic, linguistic, gender, sexuality and ability) should be treated as assets for teaching and learning. This approach to education counters dominant narratives about difference as deficits or as characteristics of students and families that should be remediated or assimilated. Using this approach to education, all families are believed to have cultural capital, or knowledge, abilities, and networks, that can, and should, be leveraged in classrooms.

This course contains seven modules with the aim to posit educators and leaders to acknowledge, value, and leverage the wealth of knowledge found in communities that have been marginalized, minoritized, and historically underserved.  The goal of each module is to provide information and evidenced-based practices that leads to ALL students gaining the knowledge needed to become proficient in the content, concepts, and skills within the Colorado Academic Standards for Reading, Writing, and Communicating, as they progress towards postsecondary readiness. 

The first module provides course participants with an overview.