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Role Playing Scenarios for Practicing Self-Advocacy Skills 

  • Your peers always get to the playground first and take all of the balls. It takes you longer to put on your clothes, so you always miss the first part of recess. Sometimes they tease you when finally arrive. Who and how can you ask for help with this problem?

  • The novel being assigned in your English class is longer than you will be able to read in the expected time period. You must try to convince your teacher to let you start the novel earlier than the rest of the class.

  • You are part of a group in your History class. Three other students want to do a project that will not be very challenging and will not earn a very respectable grade. You want to convince them that your idea is a better one.

  • Although you are a year younger than the requirements, you know that you are an excellent basketball player and could be an asset to the school team. How could you describe your strengths and request an opportunity to try out for the team?

  • You belong to a scouting group, which is going to go on a hike. However, you are unable to walk such a long distance. If you do not meet them at the destination, you will miss out on all of the fun activities. The leader has told your parents you might have to miss this event. Try to think of ways you could participate in this activity so you can be with your fellow scouts. How could you persuade the leader to listen to your ideas?

  • You do not like being singled out by your teacher at the end of each class when she asks if you are okay and if you understood the lesson. How can you tell her you appreciate her concern, but you would prefer to speak with her quietly, only when you have a concern?

  • An adult knows about your disability and always “talks down” to you. You would like to be treated and respected as a “normal” adolescent. How could you approach this individual without coming across as demanding or disrespectful?

  • Your parents will not let you stay alone at any time of the day, although you are 14. How could you convince them to trust your abilities?