1. Time to Redesign

Let's put what we have explored and reflected upon into practice by having you redesigning an upcoming unit of study.

  1. If it has been more than a couple of days since you have read the materials, then revisit them.
  2. Select a small handful of practices two, three, or even four that resonate with you. These should be practices that you are not currently implementing consistently in your instruction. Remember that we defined "consistent implementation" as something that occurs at least four times in a week. 
  3. Look at the next unit of study that you plan to have your students work on and identify points within the unit that you can insert those Culturally Relevant,  Equitable Instruction, and Cognitively Demanding Practices. The insertion of those practices isn't as simple as just bolting them on to an existing lesson; rather, it is about finding ways for it become seamlessly integrated into the flow of the lesson and unit in an authentic way.