6.3 Phonological Awareness and Blending Assessment

Learning Intentions

After viewing this module session participants will be able to: 

  • Determine what are useful tests of phonological awareness and blending
  • Interpret results of phonological awareness and blending subtests
  • Identify some of the problems with existing assessments of these skills


watch the session below.

*Please see the Transcripts resource folder located in Module 0 for a text copy of the transcript from this video. 


  • There are several tests available for phonemic blending and phonemic awareness/analysis
  • Phonological blending and analysis should not be confused or combined
  • Many struggling readers can blend phonemes by late second grade but continue to struggle in phoneme awareness/analysis
  • Phoneme manipulation tasks are best at evaluating the phonemic proficiency that underlies skilled reading 

Reflect & Connect

How have you been assessing phonemic blending and analysis? If you haven’t, what might you do differently?