6.1 Introduction to Intervention-Oriented Assessment

Learning Intentions

Participants will be able to: 

  • Define and describe Intervention-Oriented Assessment
  • Indicate ways it differs from conventional assessment
  • Identify the benefits of Intervention-Oriented Assessment for teachers and students

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  • Intervention-Oriented Assessment consists of an evaluation designed to determine WHY a student struggles
  • The goal is to intelligently inform intervention decisions
  • It differs from conventional assessments in that it
  1. 1) works backward from research on reading development and difficulties and
  2. 2) does not focus on determining an SLD
  • The benefits of Intervention-Oriented Assessment it is
  1. 1) often less time consuming than traditional assessment and
  2. 2) it can provide direct guidance on designing interventions

Reflect & Connect

What might you need to consider to adjust your assessment practices to become “intervention oriented”?