Topic outline

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    The modules in this course collectively create a comprehensive course to support educators teaching health education. The goal of health education is for students to gain knowledge and become proficient in skills that will help them adopt and maintain healthy lives.  

    These modules will equip educators to develop skills around implementing high impact teaching strategies and effective health education practices. Each of the course modules below focuses on one important aspect of health education. The modules are set up to be viewed sequentially; however, they are self-contained, meaning there is flexibility to review the modules individually at your leisure. Information on receiving a certificate for hours completion of the modules can be found in the  "Course Contact Hours Certificate of Completion" module.  Modules have been created by Colorado health educators with support from the Colorado Education Initiative, and funding from the Colorado Health Foundation. If you have questions or feedback regarding the course or modules feel free to contact

  • Introduction


    In this course you will find learning modules focusing on the
    following areas of health education:

      • Introduction
      • What's New in Health Education
      • Best Practices Health Education
      • Colorado 2020 Standards and Policies
      • Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child Approach
      • Using Data in Health Education
      • Teaching Health Skills
      • Answering Difficult Questions
      • Health Education Integration
      • Culturally Responsive Practices & Achieving Instructional Equity
      • Making Lectures Come Alive
      • Strategies for Brainstorming
      • Effective Collaborative Student Teams
      • Role Play / Behavioral Rehearsal
      • Case Studies 
      • Document Based Questioning Using Primary Sources 
      • Student Centered Teaching Approaches
      • Assessment Development 
      • Course Contact Hours Certificate of Completion

    If you have questions, feel free to reach out to Jamie Hurley, Health and Physical Education Principal Consultant at the Colorado Department of Education at

    • This two Centers for Disease Control videos provide an overview brief overview of the importance of health education as well as a short video on the key practices in health education that will be explored throughout the course. 

    • Health Advocate and 2017 SHAPE America National Health Teacher of the Year, Andy Milne shares his ideas on how health education has changed over the years. He encourages the teaching of life skills and advocacy to help younger generations make smart choices and live healthy lives.