This resource provides a framework and examples of how Inquiry based learning can be supported in health and physical education. An inquiry based approach is similar to project based learning, however, the act of questioning, exploring a topic does not necessarily lead to an tangible product or call for students to solve an authentic real world problem through investigation. 

This guide is divided into four sections to support educators in exploring inquiry in health and physical education.Inquiry-Based Learning |  provides an overview of inquiry-based learning as it applies to Health and Physical Education. Assessment in Inquiry-Based Learning | provides an overview of assessment in inquiry-based learning and implementation tools. Applying Inquiry in Health and Physical Education | demonstrates how educators may apply an inquiry-based learning approach in Health and Physical Education, with guidelines for educators to use as they consider different components of the Inquiry Framework. Inquiry in Action | provides sample inquiry plans for both elementary and secondary Health and Physical Education, including related implementation tools.

Visual display of Inquiry Framework for Health and Physical Education: Six Components of Inquiry-Based Learning.

Inquiry-Based Learning in H&PE Videos | videos also demonstrate how educators may apply an inquiry approach in H&PE, showing practical examples from elementary and secondary H&PE classes, and speaking to effective real-life classroom implementation.

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