Learning Outcomes

Participants will...

  • learn how ideas, strategies and materials in Equipped for Reading Success relate to students with reading difficulties.
  • clarify the meaning of the term dyslexia.
  • understand the reason for reversals and transpositions.
  • review the mental and academic skills that contribute to word recognition and identification.


Watch the video below.




Test yourself:

True or False?

  1. Dyslexia is still only considered a medical term.
  2. People with dyslexia see print backwards.
  3. Reading disabilities are caused by visual-spatial weaknesses.
  4. Weaknesses in working memory can be improved by increasing sight vocabulary.
  5. In Colorado, a student is determined to have a Specific Learning Disability if the student 

    exhibits significant academic skill deficit and does not make sufficient progress despite using a process based on the child’s response to high quality, scientific, research-based intervention.

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