Learning Outcomes

Participants will...

  • recognize and understand the key characteristics of good readers
  • understand the importance of the development of word recognition skills in reading comprehension
  • distinguish between the terms word identification and word recognition
  • understand the mental process of orthographic mapping of words
  • define  the term sight vocabulary
  • understand the Simple View of Reading and identify skills within each domain
  • identify and explain the four types of reading difficulties


Watch the video below.



Test yourself:

  1. Equipped for Reading Success is a program for developing _______  _________ and _______   _________.
  2. Research supports the fact that reading ________________  can be prevented and that poor readers could be ___________________.
  3. There is a high correlation between _________  ________ and reading success. 
  4. There is a gap between ____________ and ___________ practice.
  5. Research shows that we do not store words for retrieval in our _______  ________.

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