7. Use Images

Using images and graphic organizers and learning maps can help students gain an understanding as to how concepts and skills are related.  

Say It with Pictures

At the end of a lecture segment, take 1-2 minutes to create a picture of what you have learned.


Fold a piece of paper in half.  On one side write notes, on the other side create a picture to go with your written notes.

Mental Metaphors

Post this sentence stem on the wall: 
This (concept) is like a (blank) because: (give three reasons)

For example:  Decision making is like ____ because…


Gadget Metaphor:  Give each table group a box of small gadgets. After the lecture, have them choose an object and relate it to their learning.

Story Starters

After a lecture segment, start a scenario:  Two students were walking home from school... 
Next, have table groups add a problem or challenge:  One of the students pulls out a vaping device and wants the other student to join in.
Continue the lecture, alternating between information and the scenario. For example, this lecture may deal with the steps to refusal skills.

Memory Maps/Graphic Organizers/Mind Maps

Pause during the lecture to let students fill in their maps.

An internet search can provide you with many examples.