5.2 Skills Required for Language Comprehension and Reading Comprehension

Learning Intentions

After viewing this module session participants will be able to: 

  • Identify the critical skills needed for language comprehension
  • Describe what is a situation model and how it affects reading comprehension
  • Indicate how critical skills knowledge contribute to the situation model


watch the session below.

*Please see the Transcripts resource folder located in Module 0 for a text copy of the transcript from this video. 


  • When word-level reading is average or better, reading comprehension and language comprehension share most of the same critical skills
  • There are numerous skills needed for language/reading comprehension, such a vocabulary, background knowledge, inferencing, and working memory
  • English Learners will struggle in this area for years and their development must be supported for years

    Reflect & Connect

    How might a teacher promote the critical skills of reading comprehension across content areas?