Topic outline

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    The modules in this course collectively create a comprehensive course to support educators teaching health education. The goal of health education is for students to gain knowledge and become proficient in skills that will help them adopt and maintain healthy lives.  

    These modules will equip educators to develop skills around implementing high impact teaching strategies and effective health education practices. Each of the course modules below focuses on one important aspect of health education. The modules are set up to be viewed sequentially; however, they are self-contained, meaning there is flexibility to review the modules individually at your leisure. Information on receiving a certificate for hours completion of the modules can be found in the  "Course Contact Hours Certificate of Completion" module.  Modules have been created by Colorado health educators with support from the Colorado Education Initiative, and funding from the Colorado Health Foundation. If you have questions or feedback regarding the course or modules feel free to contact

  • ᐈ Students stock pictures, Royalty Free happy students images | download on  Depositphotos®The old way of teaching students through lecture, where students just sit and listen--is 
    an efficient way of delivering information.  What we want to do is combine the efficiency of learning through lecture with some techniques to promote maximum learning.  This book module provides general teaching strategies, to engage students 
    before the lectureduring the lectureafter the lecturegetting students moving and talking and several other areas to consider when trying solidify a student’s learning.  

    Key Outcomes:

    1. Identify opportunities to use engaging teaching strategies in teaching.
    2. Create a plan for using engaging instructional strategies.