This course focuses on using the Building Blocks of the Brain Model of Development to guide IEP teams through determining special education eligibility for students suspected of having a Specific Learning Disability (SLD). The BBBM is a neuroeducational framework to individualize evaluations for SLD. The framework guides IEP teams in building a comprehensive Body of Evidence (BoE) for special education eligibility decision making.

Learner Outcomes:

Participants will...

  • gain an understanding of the modern and scientific view of SLD is that all learning disabilities are brain-based issues caused by a neurocognitive deficit(s).
  • be able to use this assessment framework, driven by a convergence of information, to ensures a comprehensive evaluation is completed in all SLD evaluations.

Resource Folders

In each of the modules you will find a resource folder with the following:

  • PDF copies of the module slides for participants to download if needed.
  • Research articles for information about SLD. These article are optional for participants who would like to dive deeper into the research. Participants are NOT required to read these articles.
  • The Neurocognitive Evaluation Form (NEF), a free CDE resource, is referenced repeatedly and is linked in several of the module resource folders.
  • Other resources.

Please see the Information on Course Navigation page to learn more about the layout of the course.

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