11.2 Popular Interventions with Minimal to Modest Results

Learning Intentions

After viewing this module session participants will be able to: 

  • Identify types of interventions that have limited results
  • Explain why these approaches do not substantially “close the gap” between struggling readers and their typically-developing peers

Watch the session below. 

*Please see the Transcripts resource folder located in Module 0 for a text copy of the transcript from this video. 


  • There are several common assumptions about reading intervention that affect our instructional efforts with weak readers
  • These assumptions are not consistent with what researchers have discovered about reading development and reading difficulties
  • Most commercially available approaches are based upon these unsupported assumptions
  • As a result, the most commonly used interventions are of limited helpfulness for weak readers

Reflect & Connect

What assumptions have your brought to the task of reading instruction or intervention? How have they affected your choice of approach?