• Section 4b - Transportation Worksheet - District Cost Example

    • The number of days reported must reflect ACTUAL attendance and not to exceed the district's school year calendar.  
    • Please add ESY transportation on a separate line, if applicable.
    • The cost for the driver must reflect the days for that SASID's ACTUAL route
    • If bus aide services are reported, it must be supported in this SASID's IEPs.
    • If there are changes in the IEP that impact the costs for this student, you may report those changes on another line of the transportation costs section.
    • The number of miles reported are for this SASID only, not the entire trip (unless this student is transported for the entire trip).
    • Please refer to the transportation examples shown in the High Cost Application Instructions.
    • If you're unsure how to report a transportation expenditure, please contact Vicki Graham, (303) 866-6442, graham_v@cde.state.co.us, or Moira Blake, (303) 866-6639, blake_m@cde.state.co.us 
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