• Section 4a - Transportation Worksheet - Contracted Cost Example

    Transportation Contracted Example

    • Please describe the student's transportation services in the narrative section to help clarify the circumstances.
    • Very few students will have private transportation.  
    • The number of days entered in the application MUST reflect ACTUASASID attendance, and not to exceed the district's school calendar year.
    • Please enter ESY transportation on a separate line, if applicable.
    • The number of miles entered in the application is for THAT particular SASID, not the full mileage of the bus or private transportation, unless the student is on board the entire trip.
    • Transportation services to be reimbursed must be documented in the SASID's IEP.
    • Bus aide services must be documented in the SASID's IEP.
    • Please refer to the transportation examples shown in the High Cost Application Instructions.
    • If you're unsure how to report a transportation expenditure, please contact Vicki Graham (303) 866-6442, graham_v@cde.state.co.us, or Moira Blake (303) 866-6639, blake_m@cde.state.co.us

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