Specific Learning Disability Identification

13.1 Factors that may affect SLD identification

Learning Intentions

After viewing this module session participants will be able to: 

  • Identify the key factors that may distinguish between a student with an SLD in reading vs. milder reading difficulties


Watch the session below. 

*Please see the Transcripts resource folder located in Module 0 for a text copy of the transcript from this video. 


  • Reading skills fall along a continuum with no natural cut off to signal a “disability”
  • Use of best practices to prevent and intervene in reading is not common, complicating the validity of identifying SLD in reading
  • The number of underlying skills that are deficient and the severity of those skill deficits can help inform the identification process
  • Clinical judgment will be needed, but more informed judgment should lead to more valid identification

Reflect & Connect

What are the key factors that may suggest that a student has an SLD in reading?