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This Moodle Policy defines requirements and practices related to Moodle accounts, courses and data.

This policy affects all users of CDE's Moodle site. This includes CDE staff and external (non-CDE users) including teachers, course creators, course managers and site administrators.

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CDE Moodle Policy Statement

Moodle is the Colorado Department of Education's (CDE's) supported Learning Management System (LMS).

Moodle accounts are available to anyone taking a CDE Moodle course as a student or collaborating on building a course along with CDE staff.

CDE is not responsible for content linked from its Moodle site to external web sites.

CDE Moodle Requirements

Acceptable use

Unique Credentials

Unless a course allows guest access, all users of CDE's Moodle site must log in with their own unique username and password. The sharing of usernames and passwords is strictly prohibited.

Work-Related Purposes

Information posted on the CDE Moodle site should pertain directly to the performance of work-related duties in K-12 education.

Course requirements

Copyright / citations

No copyrighted material may be contained in CDE Moodle courses without the express written permission of the copyright holder.

Privacy / PII

No content on CDE's Moodle site may contain any personally identifiable information (PII).


Consider and build in Accessibility features / accommodations in any new content or courses that you create.

CDE can provide an alternate version of any inaccessible content upon request.

CDE Moodle Practices


Who can have an account?

Moodle accounts are available to anyone taking or contributing to a CDE course.

User Data

Termination of accounts

Moodle accounts for external users will be kept active unless a user requests that their account be terminated.

CDE's Moodle Administrators may archive or terminate external user accounts if there has no been no activity on the account in three years. Prior to taking this action, CDE's Moodle Administrators will notify the user so they can request that their account stays active or give them the opportunity to download their certificates and other data.

Course etiquette

All users of CDE's Moodle site are expected to behave in a way that reflects CDE's values and to obey the rules of online etiquette.

CDE Values

All Students, Collaboration, Communication, Customer Service, Honesty, Innovation, Integrity, Respect, Transparency, Trust.

Online etiquette

Be respectful of your fellow students and staff.
Value the opinions of others.
Be aware of strong language, all caps and exclamation points.
Be careful with humor and sarcasm.
Yes, grammar and spelling matter.
Cite your sources.
Don't post or share inappropriate material, even privately.


Questions about this policy can be submitted via CDE's online contact form. Someone will respond to you as soon as possible.